.NET Portable TypeCast
A, easy-to-use tested, generic, portable, runtime-extensible, arbitrary type converter library
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 CBaseClassFactoryRTCreates instances from classes which are attributed by ConverterAttribute
 CConvertContextWraps the model value for the converter in a conversion-context
 CConverterThe Converter base class, providing a simple container for conversion types, ConverterAttribute and corresponding conversion functions
 CConverterCollectionDependencyThe converter dependency provides loose implementation of Converters, merely constricting the constructor to be passed an IConverterCollection for Dependency Injection. It is not required due to Constructor auto-discovery provided by TypeInfoExtension.IsDependencyInjectable yet provides strict typing at compile time and a slight speedup
 CConverterFactoryCreates new instances of Converter<TIn, TOut> dependent on the source TIn and target Type TOut
 CConverterFactoryRTCreates new instances of Converter<TIn, TOut> or Converter<TIn, TOut, TArg> dependent on the number of parameters defined in methodInfo and whether a delegate was passed.
 CDependencyInjectionThe generic class used for deriving specific dependency-injection classes, used for reflection, filtering, and strict checks at compile time.
 CFactoryThe abstract generic factory for creating arbitrary instances requiring up to two arguments. Use a container type such as Tuple or struct as second parameter type TIn2 if more parameters are required.
 CConverterDefaultsConverts between object and the most common System types in the System namespace.
 CConverterThe generic, strictly-typed converter class, for type casting and simple conversions.
 CConverterAttributeUse ConverterAttribute to declare a class as a logical Type Converter. As such the only contingent declaration contract requirement is adherence to implement a public constructor which takes a IConverterCollection collection parameter
 CConverterCollectionThe thread-safe, static collection of Converter items, using Core.Singleton and supporting Core.Singleton.ISingleton
 CAddBuilderAllows to perform a deferred adding operation of multiple adds using a common Base-Class Type argument, common ConverterCollectionSettings as well as a mutual CancellationToken for the added group of converters. The operation is applied upon invoking End, and can be explicitly canceled by invoking Cancel
 CConverterCollectionExceptionThe Exception-type which is raised exclusively by the Converter<T> Library
 CConverterCollectionSettingsThe settings for the ConverterCollection.
 CConverterExceptionThe Exception-type which is raised exclusively by the Converter<TIn,TOut> Library
 CConverterMethodAttributeUse ConverterMethodAttribute to declare a method in an arbitrary class as a logical Converter function. The only restriction towards the attributed method is a maximum of two defined function parameters. This limitation is by design, to advocate the use of the single responsibility principle, and building complex converters out of smaller ones, as implemented by a different library. Take a look at the examples and documentation for more information.
 CConverterParametersContainer with sequentially assigned type-parameters of a strictly typed Converter-Function, in the sequence of Types for: In, Out, Argument
 CDependencyInjectionExceptionThe Exception-type which is raised exclusively by the DependencyInjection<TDependency> class
 CIConvertContextThe common IConvertContext interface.
 CIConverterThe Base Converter interface.
 CIExceptionThe common Exceptioninterface.
 CIFactoryThe generic, common factory interface for declaring factories creating arbitrary object instances requiring up to two arguments. Use a container type such as Tuple or struct as second parameter TIn2 if more parameters are required.
 CIRepositoryThe base repository interface
 CIRepositoryEnumerableThe generic repository interface with one lookup identifier